Why do Audiophiles Love Sound Bars ? Find Out

Recently we got a request from one of our fellow readers who seemed to be an audiophile about recommending top soundbars 2016 has to offer. Not to mention that for Audiophiles, Soundbars are something they love to be expensive and only those with a high budget would opt for it. I wasn’t intending to throw off a piece of content on some Audiophile soundbars, however; planned to sum up a little recommendation.

To be honest, I had to do some hard work to pull out the best soundbars for the hi-fi enthusiasts. Anyhow, here is a quick review of Pinnacle Speakers Bar None Sys 50-510 Audiophile Speaker bar by the Pinnacle Systems.

I would add here that Pinnacle Systems are one of the Best and Top sellers on Amazon with a variety of great products, and the 50-510 Audiophile Speaker Bar is one of their hot products.

Pinnacle Speakers Bar 

The Pinnacle Speakers Bar None Sys 50-510 is a nice and sleek looking audio accessory that comes with quite a long sound bar, a pair of powerful satellite speakers, a bass enhancing subwoofer and a remote control. As mentioned earlier it’s an expensive recommendation, so do have a look at its Price and also your budget before buying it.

Smart Ergonomics

I noticed that this sound bar systems features unique and smart ergonomics. Unlike most of the sound bars, it is rather more compact, lightweight and boasts a thin low profile that makes it a space saving audio unit. Only the subwoofer is a bit bulky, not much, while the satellite speakers and the sound bar itself are compact and ready to fit in the smallest places of your room.

Audio Units

  • Sound Bar: The sound bar is a space saving audio unit with a unique speaker system featuring 3 front channels and is ideally made for TV screens that are above 50 inches.
  • Satellite Speakers: Having them placed in proper corners of the room, you can enjoy a full home theater system because they have such a powerful bass and effects that you’ll feel like a 3D surround sound in the room.
  • Subwoofer: It’s the main unit that gives a push to the overall sound quality in the room. The subwoofer enhances the bass and treble of the audio and makes it louder and clearer.


Being a heavy duty system it requires 600 Watt operating power. The subwoofer is the main unit that requires more power.

Video Shield

The Pinnacle Speakers Bar None Sys 50-510 also features a video shield that allows you to securely place it near the TV without any interference between the TV screen and the sound bar.

Easily mountable

You can wall mount it using mounting brackets or with the help of a sound bar wall shelf. The sound bar being compact looks beautiful and adds a lot to the décor of the room.


Technology in Medical Industry

Technological developments have managed to penetrate all kinds of industries. Previously used to increase effectiveness and productivities in factory machines, now technology has also become something that could save lives. Technology development in the medical industry is something that needs to be supported on and on because it 1affects all of us. How about we take a gander at some cool restorative innovative progressions and how they help us. Smartphone Ultrasoundis another thing that has jumped upon the bandwagon of Android as well as iOS apps.

Understanding Technology in Medical Industry

Unlike all the other apps, though, this one is focused on the industry of health and has managed to save lives as well as improve the general health of the population in the process. Using one hundred thousand dollars which were given by Microsoft, specialists figured out how to incorporate a USB-based ultrasound test with a smartphone. The fundamental objective was to make a straightforward hand estimated ultrasound gadget that can empower 2specialists in remote territories to picture a patient’s kidney, liver, bladder, eyes, veins and supply routes with the goal that they can undoubtedly recognize any contaminations.

This kind of gadget can be of a decent use in numerous nations and it can help in sparing lives. Specialists without limits can utilize this portable ultrasound to assist numerous patients in remote regions. Millions other gadgets are entering the market every day. Gadget such as ultrawide monitor, DDR 4 RAMs, curved displays. Not just that they are also getting cheaper. Other human services innovations incorporate things such as Nanocomposite Contact Lenses used to treat diabetes, Robotic Surgeons, Neuroprosthetic Chips which counteracts seizures and control fake appendages with the psyche, Multimodality Hybrid Imaging Technology which recognizes prostate malignancy and Artificial Wombs which are utilized to grow an incipient organism outside of the body of a lady’s body. All in all, the development of technology has affected human lives in more ways than one and has managed to increase life expectancy tremendously.



Is Technology Good or Bad?


The age of technology has arrived, and this is something that has been attracting a lot of controversial opinions. Technology is good because it makes life more convenient. Contrarily, innovation headway has made people so sluggish. Innovation clients are so subject to new propel tech instruments that they do not feel like taking care of their duties themselves, preferring to let technological innovations do it for them. It has expanded on wellbeing 3.dangers since innovation clients practice less and they prefer to simply sit back and relax all the time while technology buzzes all around them. It has influenced nature due to the expansion contamination which has influenced the Ozone layers which has come about into a dangerous atmospheric deviation.

The Effects of Technology

With regards to instruction, understudies are more subject to calculators and PCs to unravel basic conditions. This situation causes them to be unable to prepare their brains to explain a straightforward undertaking which makes them weak in class. Still, the development of technology is something that cannot be stopped. Necessary sacrifices must be made all in all for the greater good. The potential benefits of technology development are just too good to pass up on based on speculations about its negative effects. Technology 3has helped in helping numerous pure lives. Human medication and wellbeing sciences have made strides in the good direction.

Specialists and restorative understudies have set out on therapeutic mechanical devices to do abroad examination of human wellbeing issues and difficulties. This broad exploration has come about into the improvement of new medications, and medicines which have helped in curing most difficult human infections. This has helped in saving such a variety of lives and it has additionally drawn out the human lifespan. All in all, technology is only a tool. It can be good or bad depending on how people use it.