Do you a need display for Raspberry Pi?

Do you a need display for Raspberry Pi?

We all love fiddling around with our Raspberry Pi. After all, this is a programmers dream come true. You can so many things on this. From small simulation to designing an entire operating system, you can really learn your way around with embedded system programming with little beauty.

However, the only issue with this rather portable single board computer is that it does not come with a display. That is a bummer. This mean that you always have to find a monitor to hook this upto if you want to work on it.

Well what if that issue could be sold? That is right. There are portable monitor for raspberry pi that you can purchase for very cheap and take take around anywhere and whereever you want. These monitor come in all kinds of sizes ranging from 10.1 inch to 17.3 inches.

In terms of dimensions, these monitors are comparable to those of laptop display. In terms of display quality itself, they can be better than laptop displays.

Not only that, most of the portable monitors power through a USB cord, so you do not have to bring an adapter along with you all the time. You can just hook it up with a CPU as well.

These monitors support display via USB, DP and even HDMI. They can found in both HD and FHD resolution.

Currently there are no portable monitors that have QHD resolution but with raspberry pi you don’t really need such a high resolution.

Now that I have convinced you, there are many brands that sell these monitors. The most prominent of these is Asus and GeChic. They are not only the pioneers but also rule the market for portable monitors.

You cannot compare the quality of a portable monitor to that of a conventional monitor, but they do their job perfectly.

ASUS Zenbook Portable Monitor